In 1638, a ship returned to Salem from the West Indies after a seven-month voyage. Its cargo included cotton, tobacco and, as far as we know, the first African slaves to be imported into Massachusetts. When the Pequot Indians lost a war with the English in 1638, the fate of the vanquished was to be […]

Deb Wysong catching some rays, February 23

The Winter of 2015 has been abnormally cold, and the silly 4″ we received overnight brought us to 100 inches, almost all of which fell in the last four weeks. The temperature reached a balmy 40 degrees today, the nicest we’ve seen for a while. What better way to enjoy it than taking in the view from […]


The Winter of 2015 may be wearing on us, but this video of the Crane Estate reminds me of how wonderful summer is on the North Shore. Castle Hill on the Crane Estate from Above Summit on Vimeo.


Joshua Coffin’s history of Newbury recounts the romantic tale of Abraham Adams who walked three miles to visit his new wife Abigail, whom he had married on December of 1716, but was snowbound in her parents’ home during the Great Snow which began on the 21st of February, 1717. Snow fell up to six feet in depth, with drifts as […]

By the end of the day the remains of the building had been leveled. Photo by Niki Tracchia

The building at 62 Central Street in Ipswich was destroyed in a spectacular fire on the morning of February 17, 2015. Fortunately there were no serious injuries, but the building was a complete loss. Niki Tracchia, who lives next door, provided excellent coverage throughout the day to the I Love Ipswich Facebook group. By the end […]

Fire broke out in the flooring store on Central Street in Ipswich around 5 am on the morning of February 17. Photo by Niki Trachia

Fire was reported early the morning of February 17, 2015 at 62 Central Street in Ipswich, almost directly across from the Ipswich Fire Department. The wood frame building was constructed in approximately 1920 and housed the Ipswich Floor Covering store. WCVB News Center reported that front end loaders had to be brought in to clear the snow […]

Gavin Keenan is now reporting from the Market Basket in Rowley.

With all this wintry weather, we are swamped by advice on how to deal with ice dams, leaking roofs and the other pesky realities of living in New England. Here is a sure fire way to get that snow off your roof before these problems become a reality. Step by step instructions on how to […]


John Greenleaf Whittier  (1807 – 1892) was born in Haverhill and is buried in Amesbury. He penned this romantic poem about how his family passed the time during the Great Snow of 1717. The snow was so deep that houses were covered by drifts, and people burned their furniture to stay warm. Excerpt from “Snow-Bound, […]

This photo of Barton Stone Inc. was taken in 1930 by Harold Bowen. It looks almost identical today. In the upper left corner you can see the old Manning School, where the Winthrop School is today.

Barton Stone and Monuments on Brown Square, by far the oldest business in Ipswich, has permanently ceased operations. A.J. Barton & Son Inc. was started in 1889 by August Barton Sr., and continued under his son Augustus Barton Jr., known as “Gus.” Gordon Player, Phillip Lepage and Scott Kershaw have each owned the company in later years, […]


I’m envious of Shrove Tuesday (also called Fat Tuesday). It’s the last day of feasting before Lent, and this year it’s on February 17. We all know about Mardi Gras but there are English traditions which also look like a lot of fun! It’s too bad the dour Puritans didn’t bring those customs with them to Ipswich, but […]


Elbridge Gerry was born in Marblehead in 1744 and spent almost all of his life in government service. He promoted colonial opposition to the British Parliament’s colonial policies, and served in the Second Continental Congress from February 1776 to 1780. Gerry was elected as a Massachusetts representative to the United States Congress in its first two […]

Christopher  sammartano bicycle ride to Crane Beach

On the heels of the January 27, 2015 blizzard in which Ipswich received 28″ of snow, the town received another foot and a half of snow on Groundhog Day, February 2. Not deterred by the weather, Christopher Sammartano bundled up for a bicycle ride on Argilla Road to check out the waves at Crane Beach. He posted this video on Youtube.


Beginning February 5, 1978, the storm of the century paralyzed the entire state of Massachusetts. The Blizzard of ’78 dropped between two and four feet of snow on the Bay State in the space of 32 hours. Ferocious winds created drifts as high as 15 feet. Along the coast, flood tides forced 10,000 people into emergency […]


Florence Luscomb was born in Lowell on February 6, 1887 in Lowell. She was among the first women to graduate from M.I.T. with a degree in architecture, and in 1912 she and a fellow MIT graduate formed a two-woman firm in Waltham, specializing in designing public buildings and housing for workers. Luscomb’s true love was […]

One of these

The two buildings on the left were taken down to erect the Colonial Building, but the rest of the streetscape remains the same. The third building from the left is the Agawam House, still standing but almost unrecognizable.

The Iswich Red Raiders won the division championship in

The photo below is from William M. Varrell’s book, Ipswich (Images of America) “A melting pot of awesome contenders were the Ipswich Red Raiders, members of a semiprofessional football league active during the late 1930’s and 1940’s. Made up of Ipswich men in their twenties and early thirties, they played teams from the surrounding cities and […]


The photo on the right was posted by the Ipswich Museum on their Facebook page today, with the caption, “an undated image of a woman bundled up and enjoying the snow in style.” I wondered if this photo came from Ipswich– the streetscape reminded me of Summer Street, but it did not match the houses. I […]


Thomas Franklin Waters recorded in his book, Ipswich in the Massachusetts Bay Colony that John Adams came frequently to Ipswich in the practice of his profession as a lawyer and always stopped at Treadwell’s Inn. He recorded Adams’ allusions to the landlord and other guests at Nathaniel Treadwell’s Inn. June 19, 1770, Tuesday morning: “Rambled with Kent ’round Landlord Treadwell’s pastures […]


The five-story Pemberton Mill, built in 1853 in Lawrence, was financed by John A. Lowell and his brother-in-law J. Pickering Putnam, who sold the mill to George Howe and David Nevins during a financial downturn. Howe and Nevins jammed new machinery into the building, hired more workers and made it profitable.  The weight of the […]

The road into Crane Beach. Photo by Diane Young

Images from the blizzard, January 27, 2015 and the series of snowstorms that followed. Email your photos to and let me know where you took them. Many photos are from the I Love Ipswich Facebook group. Click on any photo to start the slideshow. Click on the small X in the upper left corner of the […]


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